Ontologies and Logic Reasoning as Tools in Humanities?

Introduction by OpenMethods Editor (Delphine Montoliu): This publication demonstrates how a specific digital method is a real tool for digital researches and analysis.

Information seems to be essential for our lives. Humans get information everywhere, not only on the Internet, TV or radio channels and books, but also by talking to people or looking at road signs. We are constantly faced with problems and by solving these problems, our ability of using information is requested. But do we always find a solution just in time? And do we know when and where we can use information correctly? In daily life, we have to get information as quickly as possible. The Internet is a “mine” of information, but, like in a real mine, we need to light the darkness, to navigate by maps so that we are able to dig at the right point.


Original publication date: 2009.

Source: DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly: Ontologies and Logic Reasoning as Tools in Humanities?