Little package, big dependency

Introduction: The world of R consists of innumerous packages. Most of them have very little download rates because they are limited to certain functions as part of a larger argument. Based on a surprising experience with the small package clipr Matthew Lincoln shares his thoughts about this reception phenomenon especially in the digital humanities.

Creating Web APIs with Python and Flask | Programming Historian

Introduction: This very complete tutorial by Patrick Smyth will help digital humanists or any interested person on digital technologies applied to projects how to make data more accessible to users through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). After explaining the basics about APIs and databases, an API is built and put into practice. Python 3 and the Flask are the web frameworks used for developing this API.

eXist DB or Saxon/C in PHP

Introduction: This paper discusses two possible approaches for doing XSLT 2.0 transformations on the fly on a Web (Application) Server: Saxon as a PHP extension and Saxon within the popular XML database eXist and concludes that the PHP solution is superior.