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OpenMethods highlights Digital Humanities methods and tools already published on various sites. All selected content has to be:

  • already published elsewhere.
  • an Open Access content/data.

It can be blog posts, reports, presentations, working papers, data papers, articles, book chapters, video or podcasts. It is not a problem if a content is already highlighted on another platform. Content with persistent identifiers (uri, handle, doi) are of course more than welcome.

We do not:

  • list database sites
  • publish original contributions on OpenMethods. For this purpose we maintain the Digital Humanities Methods and Tools blog, a multilingual blogging space for Digital Humanities scholars who wish to share the methodological advancements of their research. Interested in joining us as a guest author? You are very welcome to contact our admin, Françoise Gouzi (

Without being a Volunteer Editor, you can also submit content here.


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