XML Pipelines and XProc 3.0: Report of the WG Meeting in Aachen – CCeH

Introduction: Processing XML flows has sometimes been a complicated affair traditionally, and XProc was designed to standardise and simplify the process by using declarative XML pipelines to manage operations. This blog post by Gioele Barabucci presents conclusions from a meeting in late 2017 of the XProc 3.0 working group, exploring the latest emerging version of the standard and the kinds of challenges it will overcome.

On the first Dictionary of the Old Spanish Language (DOSL)

Introduction: A review of the book BITECA: Bibliografia de textos antics catalans, valencians i balears: Biblioteques i Arxius Valencians, by Beltran, Avenoza & Soriano (2013), that is an excuse to explain the technologies used to work on the first Dictionary of the Old Spanish Langauge (DOSL) and other versions at the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies (HSMS).