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Research tools and methods are non-neutral scholarly assets as they are usually embedded into a certain epistemic culture and had been conceived in the context of a certain research project. Their creators as well as the decisions they make in the course of development often remain invisible for the broader scholarly community. A core aim of OpenMethods is to change this by giving greater recognition to tool-makers in Digital Humanities and strengthening the scholarly discussion around them.

OpenMethods Spotlights are longer posts on the metablog that showcase people and epistemic reflections behind Digital Humanities tools and methods. You can find here brief interviews with the creator(s) of the blogs or tools that are highlighted on OpenMethods to humanize and contextualize them.

For the sake of clarity, Spotlight posts are indicated on our landing page by orange.

(Image source: Pixabay, CC0.)


 List of Spotlight episodes:

OpenMethods Spotlights #1: Interview with Hilde De Weerdt about MARKUS

OpenMethods Spotlights #2 : Interview with Luise Borek and Canan Hastik about TaDiRAH

OpenMethods Spotlights #3 Keeping a smart diary of research processes with NeMO and the Scholarly Ontology