Joris van Zundert OpenMethods introduction to: Joris van Zundert 2021-01-06 16:29:23 Erzsebet Tóth-Czifra Blog post

Drs. Joris J. van Zundert (1972) is a senior researcher and developer in humanities computing. He holds a research position in the department of literary studies at the Huygens Institute for the History of The Netherlands, a research institute of The Netherlands Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). His main research interest is in computational algorithms for the analysis of literary and historic texts, and the nature and properties of humanities information and data modeling. His current research focuses on the interaction between research software engineering and humanities interaction, specifically the tensions between hermeneutics and ‘big data’ approaches. His computational analytic work focuses on the correlation between text immanent features of texts and sociological processes around the concept of literature. However,  he also keeps himself occupied with computational approaches to stemmatology, narratology, and scholarly editions.