Francesca Morselli OpenMethods introduction to: Francesca Morselli 2017-10-23 09:21:41 Delphine Montoliu Blog post

Francesca’s academic background is in Media Studies (with majors in contemporary history and audiovisual semiotics) and Film Archiving. Before joining the DARIAH CIO team (in the context of DANS-KNAW-  Data Archiving and Networked Services in The Hague) she worked and conducted research for European projects and institutions (Europeana; CEU) for the accessibility of cultural heritage, both directed to general users and academics. Before moving back to the Netherlands at the beginning of 2016, Francesca worked as a researcher for the CENDARI project at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

At DANS-KNAW Francesca is a member of the research team and the data science group; she is also involved in DARIAH-EU as part of the Chief Integration Office and the European Project Parthenos as co-coordinator of the WP on Common Policies and Implementation Strategies.