The Space of Poetic Meter – Stanford Literary Lab

Introduction by OpenMethods Editor (Maciej Maryl):  This blog post not only presents a technique of measuring poetic meter and using it to plot distances between poets, but it also provides an insight into the theoretical and empirical process leading to those results.

It’s easy to think of “technical issues” as the domain of the digital half of DH; but I think it’s important to emphasize the technical nature of the humanities as well. Sometimes it’s easy to forget in the new and complex DH world, or just in the STEM-centric environment of U.S. academia, that humanities researchers have technical expertise, and DH is best served when it tries to make advances in those areas as well as finding cool new digital methods.


To that end, I wanted to discuss an issue that came up a few years ago in the course of the Transhistorical Poetry Project, an early Literary Lab collaboration that included Ryan Heuser, Mark Algee-Hewitt, Jonny Sensenbaugh, Justin Tackett, and me. It started as a technical exploration of both programming and poetics, and led us to one of the most generative ideas of the project as a whole.

Source: The Space of Poetic Meter – Stanford Literary Lab

Original date of publication: 22/04/2018