Towards Semantic Enrichment of Newspapers: A Historical Ecology Use Case

Introduction by OpenMethods Editor (Joris van Zundert): Ecologists are much aided by historical sources of information on human-animal interaction. But how does one cope with the plethora of different descriptions for the same animal in the historic record? A Dutch research group reports on how to aggregate ‘Bunzings’, ‘Ullingen’, and ‘Eierdieven’ (‘Egg-thieves’) into a useful historical ecology knowledge base.

As a first use case, we chose to investigate documents mentioning ‘bunzing’ (European polecat) and ‘lynx’ (Lynx). These two species are chosen as a first query on the database, which returns relatively modest result sets (2,515 and 5,530 documents respectively) showing a wide variety of topics in the documents.


Original publication date: 04/12/2017.

Source: Towards Semantic Enrichment of Newspapers…  CEUR Workshop Proceedings, WHiSe 2017