Contextualized Integration of Digital Humanities Research: Using the NeMO Ontology of Digital Humanities Methods

Introduction by OpenMethods Editor (Helen Katsiadakis): NeMO is a conceptual framework for DH. It offers a well-founded conceptualization of scholarly work, which can function as schema for a knowledge base containing information on scholarly research activity, including goals, actors, methods, tools and resources involved.

A significant challenge in providing integrated access to disparate digital humanities (DH) resources and, more broadly, in supporting digitally-enabled humanities research, lies in empirically capturing the context of use of digital content, methods and tools. This paper presents recent and ongoing work on the development of NeMO, an ontology of digital methods in the humanities, and its deployment for the development of a knowledge base on scholarly work.


Original publication date: 2016.

Source: DH 2016 Abstracts