Plateforme MultiTAL

Introduction by OpenMethods Editor (Delphine Montoliu): This post presents a platform which proposes tools for less-resourced languages.

The MultiTAL digital platform is now up and running at .


MultiTAL is a curated collection of NLP tools that specifically focuses on either Oriental or less-resourced languages. It makes it possible to easily select and run a specific tool in accordance with such criteria as goal, language, OS or methodology…


Each tool is offered along with its own standardised multilingual documentation -different from the tool developer’s- which describes how to install and run the tool.


An ontology related to the different tools can also be SPARQL-queried or downloaded (RDF/XML format).


Original publication date: 31/01/2017.

Source: Plateforme MultiTAL | Club Corpus CeLiSo